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Get the right level of guidance and support to maximize your outcomes with our Salesforce Support & Maintenance Plans.

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Your search for a reliable and cost-effective Salesforce support and maintenance services partner ends here! USSG expert admins ensure all your post implementation issues are resolved with a service model that makes them available to you for looking into your Salesforce administrative, integration and development issues, salesforce updates, upgrades, and releases within acceptable Turn Around Time (TAT) and ensuring there is no break in business processes. USSG specializes in providing quality support & maintenance across diverse industrial verticals.

Ensure your implementation works smoothly with reliable support.

With our managed packages and services, you get the right team of experts dedicated to the health and maintenance of your Salesforce instance. You can choose an engagement model (onshore/offshore) from a bouquet of offerings that we have designed, specifically keeping all sizes of our customers in mind. We further fine-tune these offerings to match your needs.

Basic Plan

Monthly Hours

T & M Plan

Expert managed services to get you to the next level in your Salesforce journey.

As an established Salesforce consultancy, since 2015, we offer a wide range of virtual Salesforce administration services to satisfy all our customers’ requests. We offer;

Functionality Troubleshooting

USSG shall provide you monthly report of your Salesforce health and stability, as well as continuous org monitoring.

User Interface Integration

We shall ensure that your Salesforce org is free from issues with validation and workflow rules, approvals, formula fields, email templates, and built-in automation.

Access & User Management

You need changes and adjust permission sets and sharing rules, improve the usage of public groups and field-level security, and build proper user roles and data ownership hierarchy, Yes, we can do it for you as part of your service package.

Data Cleansing

It is essential to maintain good data hygiene to avoid communication errors and wasted resources . The process can include deleting outdated records, archiving obsolete data fields and objects, ensuring the accuracy of data types, and cataloging customizations of the Salesforce platform. We shall implement tools for data de-duplication and help you identify sources of data pollution.

Account and Database Management

USSG shall help you quickly navigate and manipulate your data, back up your database, refresh your Sandbox regularly, and create new fields and custom objects.

Data Migration, Import/Export

Are you facing challenges to transfer your data in and out of Salesforce? We shall help you with data extraction and import.

Fine-Tuning Reports & Dashboards

Your reports don't display all the essential information? Our support team will help with modification or recreating new Salesforce reports and dashboards.

Page Layouts Modification

Well, do you need to alter the look and feel of your pages and buttons, our admins will change them for you.

Security Issues Fixes

Are you facing problems with Single sign-on (SSO), two-factor authentication, and certification, no worries, USSG admins shall resolve them and protect your system from undesired system log-ins.

Release Support

Our administrators will check your org's readiness for a new release, assist with installing high-priority fixes by Salesforce, and provide customized assistance after each release.

Installed Applications Updates

Do you have multiple integrated apps that may affect the operation of certain features, we will help you optimize their usage, install new AppExchange apps or integrate them with other tools.

Technical Support

Our remote Salesforce admins will update and enhance Apex, Visualforce pages, and Lightning components and help with object-level configurations.

User Adoption Improvement

We periodically run Salesforce usage reports and check login history to understand what your users find difficult to use and help them overcome their challenges and increase adoption.

Features & Benefits of SF Managed services

Why USSG is your ideal partner of choice for Application Support & Maintenance?

You may not need a full-time Salesforce admin, you may need help here and there and Yes, we are ready to provide this help exactly when you need it, where you need it and how you need it.

Consulting and Training

Once our team introduces new features to your Salesforce instance, we make sure that your team is properly trained on what was introduced to help drive user adoption. Our goal is for your team to be empowered and use the tools properly.
At USSG we give the highest priority to Training, a very important aspect of your Salesforce CRM implementation and adoption strategy. To ensure that your ROI in your SFDC CRM is quickly accrued, we offer different training methodologies based on the domain, number of users and size. Some of our commonly used training methodologies are:

Training to All End Users

As a standard offering we train all end users of the Salesforce CRM on all the standard features and work-flows. This is done module wise and on the system in sandbox environment. Once the system is moved to production our trainers will handhold the users and help them overcome any hurdles.

Admin Training

A few identified resources are trained as Admins of the system who are trained to do the first level of tweaking, creating users, creating basic dashboards and MIS, access controls etc. We encourage them to undertake Admin certification from Salesforce.

Power User Training

We identify the Champions during the implementation stage and convert them into Power users, these are a mix of tech Savvy executives picked from different business groups from within the organization and are trained to make the minor changes in the system without any external support. They are kind of mini trainers within the organization.

Train the Trainer

This method is used in certain large organizations where it becomes difficult to train all the end users. So USSG creates a group of Trainers from within the user group and train them in the usage of the Salesforce CRM from end to end. They in turn travel across locations and train the teams in smaller groups and ensure that all the users are trained to ensure adoption.

We Care for Community

From our inception, USSG, has dedicated more than 1% of their product and employee time for the betterment of nonprofits in and outside the Salesforce ecosystem. By aligning our efforts with Pledge 1%, USSG, a Salesforce Consulting Partner, is excited to join this network of founders, entrepreneurs and companies around the globe that are committed to giving back.

Our Salesforce Expert Consultants are Trained & certified to the Highest Level

Placing People at the Forefront

We leverage human-centered design principles to drive innovation in our digital platform and software engineering solutions

Placing People at the Forefront

We leverage human-centered design principles to drive innovation in our digital platform and software engineering solutions
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