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Gear Up for the Salesforce Lightning Migration to be in sync with industry standards.

Gear Up for the Salesforce Lightning Migration to be in sync with industry standards.

Salesforce Lightning is exclusively designed by Salesforce to enhance user experience and maximize user engagement and productivity. Customer engagement is heightened with Lightning as it enables you to maximize the AI platform with Salesforce Einstein. The machine learning capabilities of LEX helps increase your revenue, boost productivity and creates compelling user experiences. Making the switch to Salesforce Lightning is critical for any business that seeks to maximize their Salesforce investment!
Are you ready to make the jump to the Lightning Experience (LEX) and take full advantage of all the amazing new features you’ve been hearing about? Migrating can be daunting for an Admin – it’s essentially a reimplementation of Salesforce. You’ll need to review every aspect of your org that interacts with your users – from page layouts, dashboards, third-party AppExchange apps, to custom code. Before you go live you’ll also need to retrain all your users on how to do their job in Lightning.

Feeling overwhelmed? Not to worry, we have a plan!

USSG has done multiple upgrades from Salesforce CRM to the Lightning Experience. We have mastered the Salesforce Lightning Migration process and have simplified the process by aligning with the Salesforce standards. We follow the traditional four steps needed to make the move to LEX: Assess, Plan, Build and Test, Train and Deploy. We shall review the considerations and decisions that Admins need to make at each phase of the process, so that at the end of the migration your users will be giving you a high five!

Top 3 Reasons why businesses should switch to Salesforce Lightning

It's enables/accelerates your digital transformation initiatives

Allows you to leverage and maximize the artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities to salesforce platform

Lightning is pivotal part of Salesforce current and future developments, with many features available exclusively only on the Lightning environment.

With built-in AI, Lightning
helps everyone

At USSG, for your Salesforce Lightning Migration, we take on a holistic approach towards transforming your digital journey and roadmap. Our strategy goes beyond migration by offering a true business value for you and your users, ensuring you get the maximum returns from your Salesforce investment.
Our goal of transitioning you to Lightning will be to provide the right tools and features to ensure that your employees are equipped with the knowledge and power for optimal performance and increased productivity.

Salesforce Integrations

Connect all your data for a unified view of your customer, no matter where it is.

Salesforce integration or migration can no more be a nightmare for you with USSG expertise.

Salesforce Integration and data migration can prove to be a major headache if you are not aware of the right processes involved. Without a thorough understanding of Salesforce Integration services, one can fall into unwanted pitfalls and system failures which are best avoided when left to experts of integration like USSG. Our Salesforce integration consultants curate the best Salesforce integration services plan and help you with projects of any difficulty.
We are one of the top Salesforce Integration Partners who have successfully completed many Salesforce Integrations and data migrations with different systems. Our certified Salesforce integration consultants will ensure that the integrated systems function seamlessly and help you maintain and evolve them to thrive in an ever-changing business landscape.
USSG’s experienced team of Salesforce integration specialists will ensure all your data is centralized, organized, and provides you a 360-degree view of your entire org, thereby enabling a frictionless user experience. Your users no more work in silos.
Thanks to our extensive expertise in CRM consulting and custom development, we can integrate and support solutions of various complexity: app-based, code-based, or even custom build integration modules or apps on top of Salesforce and sync it with your platform. As a Salesforce Integration Partner, USSG offers Salesforce Integration Services, that has evolved from in-depth knowledge in integrating Salesforce with internal & external databases, software and third-party systems using SOAP, REST, BULK and MetaData APIs which are extensible, flexible, secure, scalable, repeatable, predictable, and efficient. We build web services within Salesforce which assists a third-party app to share information via Salesforce Integration Services.
USSG can seamlessly migrate your data from other applications such as QuickBooks and Microsoft Dynamics CRM or any other application to Salesforce. We use Data Loader for manual migration, S2S for Salesforce-to-Salesforce migration, and evaluated third-party tools, AppExchange tools etc.

Salesforce Integration Services We Provide

The Salesforce Platform is unified and connected with robust APIs and services perfect for system integration of back-office systems, communities and more. Salesforce Platform empowers multiple types of integration, including API integration, data integration, business logic integration, and user interface integration. With Salesforce, no data source is out of reach. Now effortlessly access multiple applications and seamlessly manage customer data from a single platform using our top in class integration services. Experience enhanced data analysis, reduced duplication, and elevated productivity.

Data Integration

Our data integration experts will help you merge data lying in silos across functions, connect information from Salesforce CRM and various other applications, and convert data lying in different file types and make them your single source of data.

User Interface Integration

Our consultants will seamlessly unite different Salesforce user interface components and systems. We shall align visual design, behavior, and interaction patterns for a unified user experience and higher stickiness.

Backend Integration

USSG shall ensure that your Salesforce organization and your backend systems, applications, databases, or services share data and operate together and talk to each other seamlessly.

Salesforce Integration with Desktop Apps

Enhance productivity, automate workflows, and unify experiences by integrating desktop and on-premise applications with Salesforce CRM.

Salesforce to Salesforce Integration

Connect disparate Salesforce instances to unify business divisions and subsidiaries for collaborative customer and opportunity management and better visibility to the leadership.

Migration from other CRM Solutions

USSG as one of the top Salesforce consulting services provider with experience of working with multiple CRM systems, can help in connecting or migrating your existing CRM solutions to Salesforce CRM.

Integration with Multiple Third-Party Systems

Improve your productivity by ensuring that your Salesforce system talks with other 3rd party tools, however complex they are, through our customized Salesforce integration solutions.

Enablement of Complex Integration Scenarios

Do you have disparate multiple systems that use different complex data formats, protocols, or architectures, our Salesforce integration consultants who come with lots of expertise of having worked on similar scenarios will be more than happy to help you synchronize them with your Salesforce.

Some of the frequently used integrations with Salesforce

Salesforce Integration with ERP

With the Salesforce Platform you can bring together disparate systems — data that lives in external ERP, Supply Chain, HR, or on-premises software like SAP, Oracle, and Microsoft — to build a unified view of your customer. Salesforce robust tools and powerful APIs dramatically reduce integration time to unlock and modernize back-office systems.
ERP integration is one of the most found requirements from businesses. Salesforce integration with any ERP enables you to:
Sync the Front Office Sales with the Back-office departments by pushing the data to ERP.
Helps you to keep the Client Master, Price Master & Product master in sync in both the ERP & CRM systems updated.

You can create a holistic view of your Customers in your CRM, Viz, Invoices, Order Status, delivery Information, payments, overdue outstanding etc.

We from USSG have domain specific integration experts, who have enabled multiple clients by integrating Salesforce with other popular ERP systems like SAP, Infor, Oracle NetSuite, Oracle Apps, Microsoft Dynamics, etc. We at USSG also do, Website integration, Social media & Digital Engagement integration, Marketing Automation integration, ITSM integration, HRMS integration etc.

We are experts in

We Care for Community

From our inception, USSG, has dedicated more than 1% of their product and employee time for the betterment of nonprofits in and outside the Salesforce ecosystem. By aligning our efforts with Pledge 1%, USSG, a Salesforce Consulting Partner, is excited to join this network of founders, entrepreneurs and companies around the globe that are committed to giving back.

Our Salesforce Expert Consultants are Trained & certified to the Highest Level

Placing People at the Forefront

We leverage human-centered design principles to drive innovation in our digital platform and software engineering solutions

Placing People at the Forefront

We leverage human-centered design principles to drive innovation in our digital platform and software engineering solutions
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