Create a new store front with the flexibility of the best of Platforms

Are You Delivering world class User Experience to your web visitors? Are you using the right E Commerce platform that helps you to meet your sales & Marketing objectives?

Your success in a hugely competitive digital age depends on your ability to respond to rapidly changing digital trends and adapting to new technologies. Choosing the right eCommerce platform becomes imperative to meet your business objectives and see success.

Today more and more consumers are not only buying on online, but also on social platforms, messaging platforms and during live events. You need to choose the right digital commerce platform that is robust and scalable to be visible in all these channels. We help businesses to choose the right platform that fits your digital commerce needs after doing a thorough study of your business model, your sales & marketing objectives, your current technology stack, and a careful evaluation of various other business-critical options.

Our eCommerce Services

We help e-commerce business grow their revenue and increase their customer reach through the optimal combination of Omnichannel presence, user-centric solutions, and use of know-your-customer tools.

eCommerce Website Development Or Upgrade
Migration to Right eCommerce Platform (Replatforming)
Development of Progressive Web App, PWA Native & Hybrid Mobile Apps conversion
Design Engaging Customer Journey with Experiential UX/UI for optimal Conversion
Digital Marketing (SEO, Paid Marketing, Social Media Marketing)
Provide you 24/7 Support

Our unique Delivery Process

At USSG, we believe in building long-lasting relationships with our clients. We ensure this by taking ownership and being accountable for our projects, by creating highly transparent processes, and delivering quality outputs.

1. Planning and Storyboarding

We define the scope of the project by creating User stories. We understand your requirements by discussing with all key stake holders and put them as story boards. We will then build a roadmap and create wire frames.

2. Prototyping and UX

Our highly qualified and experienced design team creates the wireframes for user stories and presents them to you. We take your feedback, incorporate them, and come up with the final designs to start the build. At USSG we give a lot of importance to UI/UX as optimizing the user interface of a store helps to drive more conversions. The design needs to be both compelling and intuitive.

3. Sprints & Feedback

We need to be quick to spot issues and correct them early, hence we break down our product development cycle into multiple sprints that are around 2 weeks each. Each sprint has a week beginning sprint planning meeting and daily ten-minute stand-ups. Every alternate week we have a sprint conclusion demo and client feedback is taken for the next sprint. Any major deviations from the original scope normally goes through a Change Request process in concurrence with the client.

4. Acceptance

Once we deliver a user story, the client can test it out on our staging server and accept the story or leave feedback for further iterations.

5. Move to Production

Once all stories have been accepted, our technical team prepares the project for move to Production server and prepare to hand over all documentation of work.

6. Post-Production Support

We have a dedicated team of experts who work exclusively on 24×7 post-production issues and support with clearly defined TAT & classifications.

Technologies and Platforms

We use latest, proven technologies that let us build high performance and easily scalable digital products for mobile and web. We help you take your business to the customer’s fingertips in a mobile-first world using PWA, Native and Hybrid Mobile Apps.

USSG-Strategy & Consulting Services To Foster Your E-Commerce Growth

E-Commerce Consulting

We at USSG offer not only Ecommerce website development, but also advisory and technical assistance to enable businesses to improve your ecommerce business outcomes. Our team of Ecommerce innovators collaborate with our customers in developing a long-term ecommerce roadmap considering the evolving technology landscape and the ever-changing customer behaviours. We help in:

  • Building up an IT-centric ecommerce strategy considering the domain you operate in and its intricacies
  • We provide detailed business analysis of As Is and To Be ecommerce models
  • We assess your current ecommerce solutions’ effectiveness from a user and business point of view
  • We help you Choose the optimal ecommerce solutions to help you enter new markets or attract new audiences
E Commerce audit

To ensure you align your outlined objectives with your actual ecommerce outcomes, we provide you with a comprehensive audit of your ecommerce ecosystem. Our audit services kit is technology focused and helps to identify and eliminate inconsistencies within your ecommerce solutions.

  • We do an indepth study of your solution’s architecture and structure and suggest ways to make it more robust and scalable.
  • Assessing user experience through typical user journeys and the ever changing customer behaviours focusing on the new trends in UI/UX.
  • Our audit covers checks into your ecommerce site security, authentication mechanisms, sensitive data processing, ordering and payment mechanisms and suggest ways to improve them.
  • Evaluating search and filtering adequacy.
  • Testing the website’s overall performance and stability.
E Commerce Optimisation

Based on the audit results, our ecommerce Specialists and Innovators come out with their detailed practical recommendations and offer professional assistance to improve your ecommerce ecosystem. Some of the activities we normally do are to help:

  • Setting up of abandoned cart recovery process
  • Implementing features to incentivize buyers and increase their loyalty and stickiness to the site
  • Adjusting advanced search and filtering options to facilitate product and service location
  • Adding business-to-customer interaction and communication components
  • Redesigning your existing solution to increase customer engagement

Ultimately our efforts are directed to tweak your solutions to make them easier to manage and support, as well as increase their effectiveness.