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Simplify customer experience with our user-friendly eCommerce development services.

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Are You Delivering world class User Experience to your web visitors? Are you using the right E Commerce platform that helps you to meet your sales & Marketing objectives?

Take your online business to the next level with customized eCommerce website development services. We use the right technology and approach to create visually appealing eCommerce platforms that enhance user satisfaction, increase sales, and optimize conversion rates. We help you craft user engaging, scalable and customized e-commerce websites, so that you can focus on strategy and vision.

Make product discovery easy for shoppers.

Grow your ecommerce revenue with some innovative product discovery features.

Smart Recommendations

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Smart Search

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This permits your customers to quickly search for products at any point of their journey, with any images, and get actionable insights from their search queries.

Smart Tagging

By our Smart Tagging feature, you can improve the performance of your ecommerce product search.

Automatically optimize product catalogs at scale with accurate tags and reduce costs. Now your products are better searchable with automated tags. You have better data.

Now Smart Tagging combined with Smart Search & Smart Recommendations can provide an out of the world search experience for shoppers.

We eliminate keyword guessing and incomplete data sets that are costing you time and money. AI based vision and machine learning help to identify missing attributes to enrich every product at scale and increase your customer stickability.

Why USSG for Custom eCommerce Development Services?

All-inclusive Solutions for Diversified E Commerce.

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In this competitive world, for every organization to stay ahead of the curve, it demands a highly customized, configurable, secure and enterprise level eCommerce web and mobile app development services. Our eCommerce experts from USSG, blend our eCommerce proficiency coming from multiple global enterprise implementations, with the most advanced technologies to understand and design our customers eCommerce requirements.

With our custom eCommerce development services, we help business owners bridge the gap between ideation, strategy and execution of all-inclusive eCommerce marketplaces. Our experts demonstrate excellence in delivering purpose-built custom eCommerce stores that fit right in the distinctive requirements of different business owners. After assessing the business requirements, we prepare a cornerstone strategy that helps us create and align our eCommerce development skills with your final vision. Flanked with our unflinching project management skills and the operational expertise of our team, our custom ecommerce development services resonate with performance, quality, precision and timeline based.

Services that we offer

Create a new store front with the flexibility of the best of Platforms.

Your success in a hugely competitive digital age depends on your ability to respond to rapidly changing digital trends and adapting to new technologies. Choosing the right eCommerce platform becomes imperative to meet your business objectives and see success.

Today more and more consumers are not only buying on online, but also on social platforms, messaging platforms and during live events. You need to choose the right digital commerce platform that is robust and scalable to be visible in all these channels. We help businesses to choose the right platform that fits your digital commerce needs after doing a thorough study of your business model, your sales & marketing objectives, your current technology stack, and a careful evaluation of various other business-critical options.


We help you turn disparate applications and infrastructures into integrated, high-performing ecosystems that span the commerce and customer lifecycle. We specialize in:

eCommerce Solutions

Using Power BI our consultants create live dashboards to see real-time data that interacts with different reports and visualizations, allowing you to make the right business decisions.

Experience Commerce

We enable the transformation of your commerce operations into unique delightful buying experiences for your customers.

Strategy Consultation

We at USSG offer not only Ecommerce website development, but also advisory and technical assistance to enable businesses to improve your ecommerce business outcomes. Our team of Ecommerce innovators collaborate with our customers in developing a long-term ecommerce roadmap considering the evolving technology landscape and the ever-changing customer behaviors.

eCommerce Platform Migration

An efficient, secure changeover to a new right fit ecommerce platform of your choice

migration plan

Our platform migration experts will assess your existing technology portfolio, most significant business cases and prepare future rollouts to design an apt migration plan.


We exercise a parallel run and cutover approach for data migration and decommission the legacy application on go-live.

migration support

Our dedicated customer support team and detailed documentation shall support and manage your ecommerce business on the new platform post migration and handover.

USSG’s expertise by Platform

Why Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

Why Progressive Web Apps (PWA) Progressive Web Apps are the latest web technology standard, that combines the best features offered by modern browsers and native mobile apps, leading to a significant increase in revenue of its users.
NexPWA is a suite of extensions from ScandiPWA – the most popular open-source PWA framework for Magento. With NexPWA, we can build a PWA for your Magento store in 2 weeks.

PWA is Built for Magento

PWA works out-of-the-box with all Magento 2 Open-Source and Commerce features. It comes with low Investment & Faster Go-To-Market. We can build a super-fast, high performing PWA for your Magento store in just 2 weeks and watch your engagement, conversions and revenue shoot up. With unique features like unlimited customizations, easy background updates and built-in payment integration, you can give your mobile users an unparalleled shopping experience.
We leverage NexPWA readymade themes and built-in 3rd party integrations to go live in as quick as 2 to 3 weeks.

Implementation, Training & Support for PWA

We offer full cycle implementation services on PWA as per your requirements and design.
We offer on the job and classroom training to enhance user adoption and support the platform for future enhancements.

Customize to your imagination.

NexPWA is fully on-premise and open software (no encryption). You get full access to codebase and dev docs for customization. You can also use services from USSG for further customizations, if required.

Headless eCommerce & USSG Expertise

Headless commerce is an advanced e-commerce architecture where the front-end is decoupled from the back-end commerce functionality and can thus be updated or edited without interfering with the back end, like headless content management system.
Headless commerce is typically referred to as “API-first” because the front and back-end communicate to each other through an API layer. As your backend and frontend are no longer so tightly connected, and you only must worry about updating the frontend. Now you are able to make rapid changes and innovate quickly without impacting the eCommerce logic.

By decoupling the front-end from the back end, now our technology experts enable businesses to optimize website performance by using modern front-end frameworks and technologies. This leads to faster page load times, improved rendering, and overall better performance of your website.

Placing People at the Forefront

We leverage human-centered design principles to drive innovation in our digital platform and software engineering solutions

Placing People at the Forefront

We leverage human-centered design principles to drive innovation in our digital platform and software engineering solutions
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