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Actionable insights out of your Data with USSG expertise

Microsoft Power BI is an intelligent business tool that connects data sources and generates interactive visual reports for meaningful insights on its user dashboards
From business end users who need easy-to-understand data visualizations to make smart decisions, to business analysts looking for robust tools to customize their reports, USSG implements Microsoft Power BI as a powerful solution to keep your business secure, connected, and cohesive.
With a modern BI solution from Microsoft we can instill a data culture by empowering your people across your organization to uncover actionable insights and quickly find answers needed to drive your business results.
With our expert Power BI implementation, you can forget data security concerns, produce reports using the Power BI desktop, and share them within your organizational boundaries.

USSG Can help you Leverage
5 Key Components of Power BI

Real-time Dashboard Capabilities

Using Power BI our consultants create live dashboards to see real-time data that interacts with different reports and visualizations, allowing you to make the right business decisions.

Create Visualizations

USSG shall build access to your data for Power BI to begin analysis and visualize it, so that it makes sense to you, so that you can tell your story, exchange thoughts, and collaborate more with others.

Seamless integration with other Business Apps

Our experts integrate Power BI with other products in and outside the Microsoft family which is a valuable component. For example, integrating it with your CRM or ERP application can boost overall productivity and your customer experience.

User Experience

The ability to process natural language queries makes Power BI a simple and intuitive app, so users can ask questions and resolve their problems immediately.

Access data anywhere and on any device

Using Microsoft cloud, we ensure you access data and have insights at your fingertips using a web browser, whether on a mobile device, tablet, or desktop. With the Power BI Mobile, you can access all the data insights, reports, and dashboards from anywhere and anytime, irrespective of geolocation, using the internet connection.

Power BI Services We at USSG Provide

Power BI consulting

We provide consulting at any stage of your Power BI project, be it implementation and customization of a new Power BI solution or upgrading and support of the existing one. Hence, we enable you to convert your raw data into accurate analytics insights with rich visuals and compelling dashboards.

USSG helps companies implement, improve, and support Power BI solutions to allow them to deliver timely and quality analytics insights across the company. We also guide in making your existing Power BI platform stay relevant according to the company’s changing analytics needs.

Feasibility check

To ensure that you get quick ROI out of your Power BI investments, our consultants conduct a feasibility check to ensure that Power BI stack is in full compliance with your analytical needs, time, and technical constraints and then share our implementation / improvement strategy. For example, for customers who don’t have a DWH in place, it may be feasible to start using Power BI as a self-sufficient repository to integrate, aggregate and further analyze data, and add a DWH later.

We do Incremental implementation for you to see early value.

Power BI implementation may take from 4 weeks to 6 months, depending on your requirement complexity. For you to see benefits from the Power BI platform as soon as possible, we execute the project iteratively. This ensures, you start using a functional solution with the essential functionality within a minimal timeframe, with further enhancements adjusted on the fly.

Power BI implementation by USSG

To help translate raw data into visually compelling insights, we can either implement a configured Power BI solution from scratch or enhance the existing one following the defined business priorities within minimal timeframes.

USSG’s Power BI implementation services include:

Power BI support

To ensure the smooth operation of your Power BI solution and increased productivity of your Power BI users, we provide on-demand and end-to-end Power BI support services on a fixed price Or a subscription fees basis.

Power BI support services ensure seamless performance of your Power BI solutions implemented by us. USSG’s years of domain expertise helps us to render end-to-end Power BI administration, development, and support services to enable continuous evolution of your Power BI solutions and increased productivity of your users.

Proven Power BI Features & USSG’s implementation that Can Trigger the next revolution in Your Business

USSG’s Power BI implementation can simplify your reporting and analytics to help you take accurate decisions in real-time and grow your business on scale.

Time tested, Quick & Flexible

Our time proven implementation methods have helped many of our customers to quickly ramp up their business operations. We ensure quick Power BI deployment and an effective return on investment, achieved with ease and our cost-effective implementation.

Customized Implementation

Our BI experts can customize Power BI based on your business needs. By integrating your existing systems, data sources, or applications, we can prepare industry-specific visual reports with top in class capabilities.

Data Transformation

Reporting is no longer a complex task because we have now made it possible to create highly customized, interactive, and visual reports. We ensure that your Power BI allows your employees to create, share, and publish data-driven reports that can be used to make immediate decisions across the organization.

Security & Reliability

We ensure that with Power BI, you are able to share reports and visuals across your different business teams. Since Power BI comes with an inbuilt data security feature that ensures data security and reliability, you can now forget those sleepless nights you had to endure with the other BI Tools you had used in the past.

Easy to Adapt

Our consultants shall make it easy for your end users to adapt to Power BI. The drag-and-drop features in this tool allow users to create powerful visual reports and analytics. A minimal amount of training is required to use Power BI from day one.

Transform Insights into Actions Real Time

We ensure you get real-time business intelligence with Power BI and make those strategic and productive decisions. From factory sensors to capacity planning to social media, Power BI & USSG can together streamline your analytics and keep you up to date.

Benefits of Power BI

Why Choose USSG As Your Power BI Implementation Partner?

USSG is a mature and experienced Power BI implementation partner who comes with in-depth domain knowledge and understands the client’s current business environment and provides consisitent services and support experience.

A Reliable Partner

By choosing USSG as your Power BI Implementation partner, you are actually investing in our huge knowledge and expertise in successfully implementing Power BI projects across industry and Geographies’. We help you seamlessly leverage this powerful tool’s capabilities to unify your business intelligence and customer experience to make a real impact to your business outcomes.

Collaborative & Supportive

Power BI allows access to high-end semantic models, the ALM (Application Lifecycle Management) toolkit, an open connectivity framework, and pixel-perfect paginated reports. As your chosen Power BI implementation partner, we make sure you enjoy the Power BI’s full potential.

Data Security Concerns

Microsoft is known for its advanced security features in its products. Our experts implement Power BI by following Microsoft’s best practices and enable you to create and share reporting visuals across global data centers with no security, compliance, or regulatory concerns quickly and effortlessly.

Quality Assurance

With full quality assurance, we integrate Power BI and other Microsoft Business Apps with Azure Data Lake (a highly scalable data storage and analytics service) for advanced insights.

Industry Experience

With a team of resources who together have more than 12000 manhours of experience and knowledge gained over multiple Power BI implementations, we ensure you embrace the data culture effectively and help reach your business to new heights through Power BI’s intelligence.

Very Responsive & Easy to Work With

We are a very easy to work and flexible team of experts, we understand your domain and your problems and can provide apt solutions. Our consultants work like your own. You don’t have to look further.

Placing People at the Forefront

We leverage human-centered design principles to drive innovation in our digital platform and software engineering solutions
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