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Personalize every moment of customer engagement using Salesforce’s AI driven Marketing CRM.

Simplify Customer Experience using B2B marketing automation that builds human-to-human connections.

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Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a platform for listening & engaging with leads & clients via different channels such as email, social media, the internet, and mobile phones. USSG can automate & manage every campaign you plan, publish material, study results, and optimize in real-time for you.
Our experts in Salesforce Marketing Cloud create smart customized client journeys and deliver powerful relevant content at the most opportune time across devices, mediums & channels.
We at USSG execute Salesforce marketing cloud implementation, enabling businesses to comprehend their clients better, engage with them throughout their sales & service journey, and deliver personalized client experiences via different channels, at scale and increase customer lifetime value, irrespective of the business model-B to B or B to C.
We unite experiences across marketing, commerce, sales, and service to create connected customer journeys that increase engagement and build loyalty.

Key Features of Salesforce Marketing Cloud that USSG can enable for you.

Personalized Email Marketing

We help build and automate your email campaigns by integrating transactional and promotional messages into one platform.

Conversational Mobile Messaging

We ensure you send relevant content on your customer’s preferred channel and device — including text, push notifications, in-app messages, and chat apps.

Embedded Analytics

We optimize campaign performance with dashboards for email, mobile, and journey data — all to help you drive engagement and grow customer lifetime value.

Relevant Advertising

We enable you to activate first-party data for audiences across Google, Meta, Twitter, and more to improve your return on ad spend and find new customers.

Sales and Service Personalization

We use Salesforce powered AI and data to empower your sales and service teams to have more impactful conversations with customers using the journey Builder.

Real-Time Affinity Profiling

We create a deep understanding of what customers need in the moment, using real-time and historical data

AI Automated Offers

We engage with your customers at the moment with AI and real-time data to determine a personalized next-best offer or action rooted in business value.

Predictive Analytics

We help you predict what campaign factors drive conversion, velocity, and win rates, helping teams make more strategic decisions.

Personalized Promotions

Build a personalized customer loyalty program. We are experts at creating loyalty programs that reward members with benefits, offers, experiences, and gamify with badges based on their behaviors and interests.

Fast Time to Market

We launch your promotions to activate segments across channels quickly with industry templates and integrate with external systems.

Journey Orchestration

Create and deliver boundless personalized journeys. We create boundless personalized journeys that build customer relationships across channels. We then manage the contact data received from different sources using the Contact Builder. This allows closer and more relevant engagement to be forged with the contacts.

Content Management

We consolidate all your content in one place for efficient editing, tagging, and filtering.

Email Marketing-Email studio

We help deliver engaging and personalised emails that scale campaigns and enhance the subscriber experience.

Lead Generation

We build dynamic, personalized email journeys and landing pages with clicks, not code, to engage leads at the right place and time.

Cross-Channel Journeys

We trigger webinar and event registrations, survey sends, and SMS sends in your automated journeys by connecting your marketing stack.

AI Insights and Alerts

Take the guesswork out of lead and account scoring through our data-driven insights. We shall alert sales when a prospect is most engaged in CRM or in Slack.

Attribution and Predictive Analytics

Our experts shall provide you with AI-driven insights into how each channel drives awareness and help your sales close deals at every buyer stage.

Social Studio

We shall make your social media campaigns makeover, using social studio, so that they are impactful and grab eyeballs.

Cross Channel Implementation

We ensure that your customer experience across mediums is consistent and effective.

Content Builder

We create engaging and customized content via mobile phone-optimized templates & drag-and-drop functionality.

Advantages of Salesforce Marketing Cloud that you as a customer can benefit from.

Detailed Marketing Automation

Salesforce Marketing Cloud has a wide range of tools covering marketing automation, email marketing, social media marketing, mobile phone messaging, & advertising automation. This enables business like you to automate your marketing activities, make them look uniform across domains, channels and optimize your marketing campaigns.

Multi-Channel Marketing

Salesforce Marketing Cloud enables you to engage with your clients via different channels, such as email, mobile phone, social media, and other platforms depending on the customer convenience and usage. This broadens the reach & efficacy of your marketing campaigns.

Integration with Salesforce CRM

Salesforce Marketing Cloud blends effortlessly with Salesforce CRM, allowing you to consolidate your Marketing, Sales & Service data, to obtain a holistic view of every client of yours.


Salesforce Marketing Cloud is highly scalable and can be micro-personalized to meet the specific requirements of your marketing & sales teams.


Salesforce Marketing Cloud is highly scalable and can be micro-personalized to meet the specific requirements of your marketing & sales teams.

How Salesforce AI driven Social Media Marketing empowers your teams.

The internet — and social media in particular — has forever changed customer acquisition for the better. Whoever your ideal customers are, chances are they’re on social media.
Your marketing folks can now use audience data to identify the customers they want to acquire with precision, and then use a strategic mix of social media platforms to engage them directly with personalized and relevant content.
US adults use Facebook
US adult use YouTube
18 - 24 year-olds use Instagram
18 - 24 year-olds use Snapchat

Listen to your target audiences

Through social listening, you can glean useful feedback from the real discussions your target customers are having on different social media platforms. This can help you understand, in detail, why customers feel the way they do about your brand and products — which can help in your social marketing strategies.

Engage your target audiences with content

Listening to and learning about the customers you want to acquire allows you to collect valuable data about them, made even easier with the help of tools like Salesforce DMP or Data Studio. Insights derived from this data can be used to help in your social customer acquisition campaign strategies.

Predict customer actions and intentions

AI powered Salesforce marketing cloud can forecast how people in your social audience may act — including their likelihood of making purchases. By analyzing a user’s posts, AI can assign a score indicating the user’s chance of performing certain tasks. Someone rated as likely to abandon your company could be prioritized in a service queue, and someone rated as likely to buy could be added to your list of top prospects.

Report social insights in greater detail

If you’re using a modern social marketing suite like Social Studio, you already have lots of ways to get social insights — from identifying sentiment and analyzing demographics to refining audience personas. Using automated labels, AI automatically rates your audience’s social posts according to the attributes you’d like, including subject matter, authors, mutual followers, and more. These labels can help in your future marketing actions, from creating service cases to generating new leads.

Send emails when it matters

By using AI to connect social media insights with your email strategy, you can schedule relevant email alerts to send, only when social conversations about products and events reach a fever pitch. This helps ensure emails are only sent when audiences are most likely to engage. You can also use AI-powered social insights to alert your public relations team when there’s an unusually high amount of negative sentiment surrounding your brand on social. This gives them a clear understanding of what the problem may be and allows them to quickly develop a communications strategy (including email) for defusing the situation.

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