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Artificial intelligence consulting and development services that empower you to become a leader in your field.

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AI/ML Consulting Services We Offer at USSG.

Having an experienced tech partner like USSG, assures you of successful project implementation, maximizes your business value, and minimizes risks involved in any typical AI project. Our team of AI experts have deep experience in designing, implementing, and integrating artificial intelligence solutions into your current business operations.

Our Areas of Expertise

USSG as an AI development company, we keep track of emerging technologies and have developed very innovative models and tools to deliver extraordinary results to our clients.

Machine Learning

Our team of machine learning developers enable our clients like you, drive business growth and grow your business by extracting valuable insights from unstructured data, from multiple sources.

AI Chat Bots

Create generative AI tools such as ChatGPT, Mid Journey, Dall-E, and other chatbots with exceptional NLP and NLU accuracy. Our AI application development services will automate customer service requests, putting you ahead of the industry.

Predictive Analytics

Our professionals create proprietary models for personalized recommendations, churn prediction, dynamic pricing, fraud detection, sentiment analysis, and customer segmentation.

Natural Language Processing

Our experts analyze your text data from social media, emails and audio to uncover audience insights. With our bespoke NLP solutions, you get to know your users better by detecting sentiment, interests, gender, etc.

Generative AI

We empower businesses with ChatGPT solutions for workflow automation, improved customer service and faster decision-making. We provide on demand integration and customization.

Computer Vision

USSG develops custom computer vision solutions to fuel your business growth. Our data capture and extraction solutions automate document processing, help businesses improve accuracy, efficiency and reduce errors.

Machine Learning Consulting & Development Services from USSG.

Innovate and explore new opportunities for your business with our machine learning consulting and development services.

Data Collection, Synchronization & Data management

The data challenges that organizations face like data collection and storage for further analysis is huge and USSG has the expertise to solve this. We help companies pull together the requirements for data collection, identify issues, and uncover the relevant opportunities.

Conducting Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA)

Our experts conduct step-by-step exploration of data with organizations of all size, starting with EDA, then pass to the model development and training process. As a result of EDA, our clients retrieve valuable reports and data-based recommendations.

Implementing Machine Learning Algorithms

Whatever the challenges, USSG is here to help implement machine learning algorithms in your business workflow. We offer the best-fit approach for implementing and processing the provided data.

How we Execute our Expertise.

We have grown with a well nurtured engineering culture, and proven expertise in ML-based software development and consulting services. We help build top-notch machine learning enterprise applications for business.

USSG unique Application development methodology?


Reviewing your current capabilities and defining future goals to make recommendations for tools, technology, and architecture.

Proof of Concept

Testing a small-scale system, and proving the viability of ML models for your problem.


Improvement of previously built models to continuously raise the quality of insights and to keep up with the changing environment.


Putting the ML system into production while considering implementation and maintenance costs during deployment.

Get Started with USSG’s Advanced Artificial Intelligence Toolkit

Our toolkit offers a diverse set of AI-driven technologies equipped with a wide range of tools for a seamless exploration of machine learning, natural language processing, computer vision, and more.

Generative AI & Chat GPT

Achieve exceptional customer satisfaction and drive significant business growth with our AI-powered chatbots. We offer customized and innovative chatbot solutions to enhance customer engagement and streamline business processes.
Telecoms use Chatbots for productivity.
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cut in service costs by using Chatbots

Gen AI & ChatBots services from USSG

We empower businesses with strategic guidance and custom AI solutions for enhanced efficiency.

Strategy and Consulting

At USSG we offer AI technology consulting services that help businesses strategize, plan, and execute their projects. Our AI experts estimate the impact of innovation on your operations, calculate the ROI, and provide tools & training needed to boost AI acceptance across your organisation. We provide full-scale generative AI services that can transform your business.

Technology Assessment and Selection

Our Tech consultants evaluate various generative AI technologies and tools, such as OpenAI’s ChatGPT, DALL-E2, and Google’s BERT. We help you choose and implement the best ones for your needs by analyzing their features and compatibility.

Generative AI Development

Revolutionize Your Business with Cutting-Edge Generative AI Development
Our engineers design and implement custom language models based on the capabilities of GPT, DALL.E2 and more. We from USSG bring our NLP, machine learning, and data science expertise to create robust solutions designed specifically for your business.

Model Training, Customization & Integration

We customize generative AI tools and fine-tune (Long Language Models) LLMs with your own proprietary data. This helps the models to support your unique downstream tasks, operate with higher accuracy, and deliver innovation at lesser cost to your business.

Upgrade and Maintenance

Our support & maintenance team closely monitors the performance of your language model, introduces updates, and prevents model drifting. We ensure the long-term value of your AI applications and assets by training the users. We help them scale according to evolving market needs and your business requirements.

AI Project Approach We Follow

Chat GPT – AI Chatbot Development Services & integration

We empower businesses with strategic guidance and custom AI solutions for enhanced efficiency.

Virtual Assistant Development That Redefines Your Business

Choose our AI chatbot development services to build custom experiences your customers would love.

Our AI Chatbot Development Services

Add a Layer of Automation to Your Mission-Critical Workflows

Our chatbot development experts use advanced technologies to create intelligent chatbots that can converse with humans in multiple languages. Furthermore, we continuously test and refine chatbots to provide an exceptional user experience.

Strategy and Consulting

Our team of virtual assistant development consultants perform a detailed analysis of the challenges faced by your business and develop a strategy document to resolve them using AI chatbots. Our experts define a use case, validate your idea, and deliver actionable recommendations for your solution.

Model Selection & Implementation

We help you make the right decision to choose the right language model and choose the one that best fits your chatbot requirements. Our experts share with you some of our pre-trained models based on ChatGPT integration and other Gen AI solutions that can help kickstart your project. We execute end-to-end AI-powered chatbots development services viz. design, develop, and deploy a market-ready conversational interface. On demand, we integrate the solution with internal business systems and augment it with predictive analytics, NLP, or sentiment analysis.

Fine-Tuning and Model Training

We use ready-made LLM models by choosing the most suitable one for your AI chatbot development solution. Our ML engineers train your chatbot both with your internal data and further enrich it with third-party insights to optimise accuracy and accelerate its performance.

Support, Maintenance & Adoption

Our dedicated support team maintains your chatbot at its peak performance, improves its conversational flow, and helps you evolve the solution to support other critical tasks. We perform sanitary checks of the solution throughout the post launch period ensuring higher user adoption and better return on your investment.

Our Project Execution Approach

USSG with its huge experience of having successfully delivered large projects and through its strong partnerships have developed a calibrated development process that executes your project adeptly and in time passing through five key stages.
  • Idea assessment & Documentation
  • Business analysis & Model Selection
  • Strategy
  • Proof of concept
  • Architecture
  • Deliverables roadmap
Model training
  • Model selection
  • Data gathering
  • Fine-tuning
  • Chatbot implementation
  • Testing
  • Performance analysis
  • Chatbot maintenance & Evolution
  • New features implementation
  • New business case

We take Chatbot Experiences to the Next Level

Our AI ML Trained consultants can develop an AI chatbot that delivers unique customer experiences based on AI, NLP, and machine learning.

Natural Language Processing

To add multilingual support to your solutions, improve its response accuracy, and enable conversational interfaces to understand users’ queries based on context, we use AI and NLP during the implementation of a chatbot system.

Virtual Power Agent

To improve customer engagement, We utilize a range of features and capabilities, such as natural language understanding, dialog management, entity extraction etc., and provide personalized experiences based on customer data and context.

Sentiment Analysis

Our conversational AI chatbot development services are embedded with emotional intelligence tools that enables our custom solutions to collate & analyze the sentiment of conversations and deliver a deep understanding of your customers. This helps you to offer personalized services to your customers at the time and place of their choice.

Speech Recognition/ Voice-enabled Bots

Our Virtual Personal Assistant development process is with speech recognition to enable more human-like interactions, improve user experience, and provide more inclusive solutions to your customers. We develop voice-enabled bots with natural language processing capabilities, speech recognition, and integration with voice platforms like Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

Conversational & Menu-driven Bots

We develop conversational bots that engage users in natural language conversations and menu-driven bots for structured and guided interactions. These bots enhance communication between businesses and their customers with ease and increases your agent productivity.

Omnichannel Support

Our customer support AI chatbot development services are focused on making your solution compatible with multiple touch points. Built once, our solutions can be deployed across channels, meeting your users wherever they are.

Sparrow Bot Development

Our experts can develop the Sparrow bot by training it to understand industry-specific terminology, customer preferences, and specific use cases to improve the Sparrow bot's conversational abilities and overall performance.

Transactional, Reporting, and Statistical bots

We develop transactional bots that facilitate seamless transactions, reporting bots that generate real-time reports and analytics, and statistical bots that provide insights and predictions based on data analysis.

Build a Custom LLM Model for Your Industry

Our virtual assistant web developers are experts in building solutions that are custom built for you and your business needs specifically.

Why Work with Us

USSG brings in its Global project implementation expertise of more than a decade along with a very strong team of AI ML professional who have implemented AI ML solutions cutting across domains and are experts in this niche technology. We also provide

Flexible Business Model

We bring in flexible project execution & thorough domain understanding that can fulfil most of your business needs with high ROI.

Top-Notch Team

We’re a strong AI ML software development team with years of experience in AI-driven solutions development.

Strong & Reliable Tech Expertise

We have solid technical know-how in custom AI application development and AI software design for different domains. We explain and guide you all through our interactions to ensure that you are successful.

Innovative Approach

Our team use of the latest evolving tools and technologies with an eye for innovation and creativity.

Reusable Components

We don’t reinvent the wheel in each of our projects. We have a repository of reusable components that we share with our new clients for them to choose and use. This saves time, effort and money- all critical resources for success.

Our Tech Stack for Chatbot Technologies

Along with artificial intelligence, we base your chatbot interfaces on the leading language models with next-gen language processing algorithms.

Placing People at the Forefront

We leverage human-centered design principles to drive innovation in our digital platform and software engineering solutions
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