Your decision to use Salesforce is in itself a great start to transforming your business. But as the Chief patron you would see true value only when there is seamless integration with other remote data lying in silos and your end users adopt with ease the change. We from USSG help you here. Understanding the nuances and complexities of salesforce, which Sales force edition is right for your organization, customizing the configurations as per requirements, ensuring that the entire plan fits into a budget, and creating an effective adoption plan, are some of the key points that one must consider to ensure that you’re finding more value from your Salesforce

At USSG, we offer a team of experienced professionals with exposure to multiple domains helping companies, cutting across business verticals, in understanding their Sales processes and mapping them to the Salesforce features in order to address the needs around sales, customer service and marketing, as part of their SFDC adoption journey. We involve with the actual users of the platform in all aspects of project lifecycle including Training to the End-User and Admin-User, Go-Live & Post
Go Live Support, Ongoing Maintenance & Support etc. One of the factors that distinguishes us from our competitors is our depth of experience across three critical areas: the Salesforce platform, industry-centric business processes, and systems integration.

In our DNA implementing Salesforce in any organization is not a one-time activity, it is a continuous process and we strongly believe our success is dependent on the customer’s success.

What do we do?

As Salesforce partners we collaborate with you to make your offerings and services exclusive and your customer and partner experiences more joyful. We work together, cutting across domain & industry, or size to meet the needs of our customers. We take personal ownership and are accountable for delivering on our commitments with total integrity and knowledge that our customer’s data is confidential and cannot be compromised.

The New Age Salesforce Cloud Computing Solutions

Allow USSG be your preferred partner in your Cloud automation journey……

Sales & Service Cloud

Marketing Cloud

Community Cloud

Salesforce Lightning

Salesforce Consulting

Salesforce App Development

SF Support & Maintenance

Key Industry Verticals that we cater to

Our team of Salesforce experts who have over the years worked in projects from multiple domains along with our inhouse COE led by SMEs can make the key difference to your Sales & marketing automation efforts.

Large & Medium sized companies

USSG has the knowledge and experience to understand the nuances of implementing a IT project in a large or medium sized company without affecting its day to day operations. We understand your digital concerns and have the capabilities to help you drive better adoption and business results. Our professional expertise is capable enough to serve your company irrespective of its size.


Our SMEs understand the manufacturing domain like the back of their palm after having implemented Salesforce CRM at multiple large Pharmaceutical, Cement, Construction material, Textile and Pharma Machinery companies.

IT & ITES Services

USSG being an IT Consulting Services provider understand the pulse of the industry and our consultants collaborate with your Program Managers to have an seamless implementation of Salesforce CRM to enable the stake holders a 360 view of the business.

Banking & Financial Services

With our Salesforce Sales Cloud and Marketing Cloud, refine your email marketing, Social media presence and drive sales, increase event attendance etc. Get a streamlined view of your agents and end customers by implementing Salesforce for your financial service offerings.



USSG shall run a business process discovery workshop to understand and analyse your processes, goals, challenges and objectives and to check if these can be mapped to SFDC to achieve the stated objectives.

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USSG shall document and create a POC, based on the understanding of your Business Process and give your stakeholders a demo of the application.We take feedback.

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Our experts of Salesforce certified consultants, architects, developers and UI experts will work their magic in designing and developing a cloud solution that best matches your business objectives.

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To help you achieve your business objectives, we implement and support every cloud on the Salesforce platform: Sales, Service, Education, Community,Analytics and Marketing.

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USSG shall meticulously analyze any changes requested by the client to what is built thus far to ensure that they reflect business practices and needs.

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USSG shall study and assess the usage of SFDC across your organization and suggest any midcourse corrections to ensure that the users leverage the power of salesforce and increase adoption.

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We at USSG offer a comprehensive suite of implementation & enhancement services that are designed to implement the various Salesforce platforms, whether it is the vanilla Sales cloud or Service cloud or the Marketing cloud or you want to build a new solution on the platform as well as to clients of varying size or requirements.

Our Salesforce implementation services include application development from ground zero, understanding your business processes, documenting the entire business flow, design flow to actual development (both customisations & configurations as needed), creating test scenarios, testing, and go live.

USSG ensures that our team of experts share some of the time tested strategies and high user adoption plans, hands on training sessions etc to see that your ROI is achieved and you get the most out of the World’s No.1 CRM.

You can also count on us for Lightning and mobile enablement.

We enable our clients with out-of-the-box customizations and enhancements which we develop using our iterative development framework.

Our dedicated, certified Salesforce Consultants can expertly drive your implementation using some of our accelerators, which can enable clients like you to be up and running on the Salesforce platform.


If you are already a Salesforce user but need help to enhance its features, we are there to help you.

USSG can help ADD NEW MODULES to your existing Salesforce application and make it look more robust and make Salesforce your organisations single source of truth for all data information.

Some areas of our expertise are…

USSG can help you in building more DETAILED ANALYTICS by collating data from different sources, churn it and provide exhaustive
dashboards & MIS to your Top Management day- in & day-out. We can help integrate other analytics tools viz, Tableau with your Salesforce instance for enterprise reporting and visualisations

USSG team of Salesforce experts can INTEGRATE your existing internal field sales employees TRAVEL PLANS (Journey planner) to your EXPENSE MANAGEMENT process and create a seamless experience for sales & the finance team in creating high visibility and transparency in this process.

Are you clueless about what your field sales team are doing on a day to day basis, their productivity etc, USSG can help you by automating your Field Salesforce Travel and channel visit activity very discreetly using our FIELD FORCE TRACKING APPLICATION and provide clear visibility to the Managers in real time and Offline conditions. This feature has helped many customers in drastically increasing the field salesforce productivity and cut on unproductive costs.

Are your Channel partners constantly complaining about lack of visibility on goods movement after they remit payments for billing? We at USSG have a solution. Using Salesforce Communities we can integrate your Channel partners with select information access (you will decide what
they can access) with your internal Salesforce application. By doing this your channel partners gain in confidence as now they can see all stages of their billing operations, from order creation to invoicing, to dispatch and expected time of arrival of material at their location.

Is your MARKETING CLOUD implementation going circles and giving you sleepless nights? Talk to our experts who can guide you, sit with you and plan your Digital Marketing Journey, whether it is B 2 C Journey Management, B 2 B Marketing Automation, E Mail Marketing, Social Media Marketing or Mobile Messaging, our dream makers can help you design & create your canvas.

At USSG we believe that our customer’s success is in their ability to create strong Customer Loyalty base. Our Consultants at USSG can suggest different domain specific loyalty models and build applications on the Salesforce platform to run the loyalty programs.

Our Team of SMEs can also help customers like you, use the Salesforce platform to build Application Tracking System, Resource
Onboarding Process, Asset Management and TAT based approval mechanisms.


We at USSG are of the strong belief that every penny saved is precious as Gold. In our efforts to help Small & Medium Enterprises redeem value for money on their investment in Salesforce, we have carved out different models based on the end client’s requirements and the license type. It can be as simple as, Jumpstart using of the application from day-3 for the Group Edition clients to the multi week projects that include a full business review, documentation and PM managed implementation.


The Plug & Play model offered by USSG is designed to help Small businesses with a few licensed users, who can start using the system from Day-3, without any hassles. It is executed onsite, with minor configurations and OJT Training provided.


The Plug, Custom & Play model is directed at the SMB sector. It is designed for customers who intend to exploit the power of SFDC to its fullest potential by splitting their implementation based on user groups and business flow. This model helps
in creating early adoption & champion users


This model is clearly for the enterprise customers who are required to do the entire nine yards- from Business Requirement Gathering, Documentation, Business Process Review, Product customization, Integration with other enterprise level
applications, Admin and end user training etc


Most Salesforce customers tell us that improper data integration is one of the main areas where Salesforce projects go wrong. While collecting and analysing data stored across Salesforce’s range of cloud applications is in itself challenging enough, enumerating data from third-party systems has been a real stumbling block for any CRM and other business intelligence applications.

Historically, data has always been collected and stored in silos, making it very difficult to get a clear view of any single account without spending hours crunching through the relevant data from all customer touchpoints (several different programs and systems). The popular and commonly used conventional customer touchpoints from which businesses usually gather data are:

  • Social media (Twitter/Facebook/Instagram/LinkedIn)
  • Submitted website forms
  • Active orders
  • Purchase history
  • Invoices & AR
  • Contracts
  • Portals etc.

USSG’s experts in integration focus on enterprise integration and Application Programming Interface-API services using either third party middleware based interfaces or build native interfaces in linking to SAP, Oracle ERP, HR applications etc

USSG technical architects in collaboration with our clients try to understand their needs and suggest the right approach, real-time or batch mode, is ideal for their integration needs by using the optimal mix of Cloud and traditional technology platforms. Our interfaces are designed to perform optimally across devices and platforms, keeping in mind the nuances of performance and data management.


USSGs Application Maintenance and Support model focuses on:

Effective communication and continuous improvement of processes based on client feedback

  • Strict adherence to predefined Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
  • Understand business needs and KPIs and provide an agile response to issues
  • Deploy automation and innovative practices to reduce and eliminate effort and achieve year on year cost reductions to our clients.

Why USSG should be your partner of choice for Application Support & Maintenance?
For reduced downtime & Maximum application availability

Reduced Total Cost of Ownership and increase ROI

24/7 support and quick turnaround time-TAT

Zero risk during transition & Data Migrations


We very often come to hear how CRM projects tend to fail. A study by the Merkel Group Inc estimated that 63% of project in large organisations fail. At the face of it this is a very high number and one might think, is it worth the investment in CRM in your organization. The sweet news is that the same survey also showed that the organisations who had successfully implemented CRM also saw very clear benefits and real business value.

So how do we make sure that you also get to reap the benefits and avoid your CRM project failure?

Here are a few statistics that may inspire you to push your CRM adoption project further: (Source Linkedin state of sales & Nucleus Research paper etc)

  • For every Dollar spent the average ROI for CRM is $8.71
  • 82% of top salespeople cite CRM tools as “critical” to their ability to close deals.
  • 47% of CRM users said that their CRM had a significant impact on customer retention and customer satisfaction.
  • 74% of businesses improve customer relationships with CRM.

Having said that, before you plan to implement CRM you must have done a lot of research and in the process addressed all critical concerns and chosen the right CRM and a right partner to implement CRM at your organization. At USSG we can help you in the process of choosing the right CRM apt for your organization and be your partner of choice to implement it too No project, particularly a CRM is complete unless the last mile issues like training & adoption are properly taken care of.

Why do most CRM projects fail? Research has shown the following key reasons…

  • Very low rate of adoption among users
  • Lack of clear ownership of project and customer insights
  • Lack of management bandwidth and executive sponsorship
  • CRM not being an IT priority compared to other areas

According to a large survey conducted by Forrester Research, “people” issues are the biggest challenge to a successful CRM implementation. These “people” issues fall into three distinct categories, where slow CRM end-user adoption is by far the most distinct challenge, as shown in the chart below):

Let’s face it. No one likes change. And we at USSG are Change Management specialists. We can help your resources go through the process of change, understand the benefits they shall reap by the change and ensure that they are a part of the change. You can leave it to our experts who shall engage with your CRM users right from the beginning of the project sign off and by the time the project is moved to production USSG shall ensure that the CRM adoption champions-who are different from the program managers who lead your CRM system implementation, are identified and they in-turn would drive the adoption internally.


At USSG we give the highest priority to this very important aspect of your Salesforce CRM implementation and adoption strategy. To ensure that your ROI in your SFDC CRM is quickly accrued, we emphasize on different training methodologies to different clients based on the domain and size. Some of our commonly used training methodologies are:


As a standard offering we train all end users of the Salesforce CRM on all the standard features and work-flows. This is done module wise and on the system in sandbox environment. Once the system is moved to production our trainers will handhold the users and help them overcome any hurdles.


A few identified resources are trained as Admins of the system who are trained to do the first level of tweaking, creating users, creating basic dashboards and MIS, access controls etc. We encourage them to undertake Admin certification from Salesforce.


We identify the Champions during the implementation stage and convert them into Power users, these are a mix of tech Savvy executives picked from different business groups from within the organization and are trained to make the minor changes in the system without any external support. They are kind of mini trainers within the organization


This method is used in certain large organisations where it becomes difficult to train all the end users. So USSG creates a group of Trainers from within the user group and train them in the usage of the Salesforce CRM from end to end. They in turn travel across locations and train the teams in smaller groups and ensure that all the users are trained to increase adoption.