Most Salesforce customers tell us that improper data integration is one of the main areas where Salesforce projects go wrong. While collecting and analysing data stored across Salesforce’s range of cloud applications is in itself challenging enough, enumerating data from third-party systems has been a real stumbling block for any CRM and other business intelligence applications.

Historically, data has always been collected and stored in silos, making it very difficult to get a clear view of any single account without spending hours crunching through the relevant data from all customer touchpoints (several different programs and systems). The popular and commonly used conventional customer touchpoints from which businesses usually gather data are:

  • Social media (Twitter/Facebook/Instagram/LinkedIn)
  • Submitted website forms
  • Active orders
  • Purchase history
  • Invoices & AR
  • Contracts
  • Portals etc.

USSG’s experts in integration focus on enterprise integration and Application Programming Interface-API services using either third party middleware based interfaces or build native interfaces in linking Salesforce.com to SAP, Oracle ERP, HR applications etc

USSG technical architects in collaboration with our clients try to understand their needs and suggest the right approach, real-time or batch mode, is ideal for their integration needs by using the optimal mix of Cloud and traditional technology platforms. Our interfaces are designed to perform optimally across devices and platforms, keeping in mind the nuances of performance and data management.