We at USSG are of the strong belief that every penny saved is precious as Gold. In our efforts to help Small & Medium Enterprises redeem value for money on their investment in Salesforce, we have carved out different models based on the end client’s requirements and the license type. It can be as simple as, Jumpstart using of the application from day-3 for the Group Edition clients to the multi week projects that include a full business review, documentation and PM managed implementation.


The Plug & Play model offered by USSG is designed to help Small businesses with a few licensed users, who can start using the system from Day-3, without any hassles. It is executed onsite, with minor configurations and OJT Training provided.


The Plug, Custom & Play model is directed at the SMB sector. It is designed for customers who intend to exploit the power of SFDC to its fullest potential by splitting their implementation based on user groups and business flow. This model helps in creating early adoption & champion users


This model is clearly for the enterprise customers who are required to do the entire nine yards- from Business Requirement Gathering, Documentation, Business Process Review, Product customization, Integration with other enterprise level applications, Admin and end user training etc