Application Engineering

USSG application services help our clients address evolving business and technology needs by defining, designing, building, and maintaining applications tailored to meet their unique business requirements and strategies.
Our flexible application engineering approach allows us to bring our best practices into the customer's business and IT processes, thereby actively supporting their IT vision. This improves time-to-market, application management costs, operational efficiencies, and enables greater business-to-IT alignment to deliver quality solutions engineered to suit the customer's requirements.
USSG employs a flexible set of methodologies in application development, maintenance and testing, based on the organizational requirements.
Our range of Application Services include the following:

  • Technology Due Diligence
    Analyze requirements, tools, and architecture to enable you to make the best decisions.
  • New application development
    Develop custom software applications that meet your unique business processes.
  • Product engineering
    Create software products through a rigorous engineering methodology.
  • Custom reports and applications
    Develop new reports and custom reporting applications, and modify existing reports.
  • Application maintenance and support
    Maintain and support applications including technical support and bug fixing.
  • Application migration
    Migrate applications to different technologies and platforms to reduce TCO and mitigate risks.
  • Interfaces to third party software and legacy systems
    Develop interfaces for data and methods.
  • Enterprise application integration
    Integrate business processes across heterogeneous systems – products/legacy.