Kevin B. Harrington – Executive Vice President

With over 30 years of sales experience, Kevin has held a number of senior management positions. Prior to founding US Software Services Group, he was a Vice President for CGI, the fifth largest independent IT services provider worldwide, generating more than $10 billion in combined revenue in 2012.

Kevin simultaneously served as the Vice President of two divisions: Vice President of the New England Government Sector, and, Vice President of the Massachusetts Auto Insurance Processing Sector. In a little over 5 years, he personally sold $371m worth of new and renewed business.

Previously, Kevin served as Vice President of Government Sales at Systems Engineering, Inc., for seven years, where he accounted for over 80% of all sales. He has also served as National Sales Manager for the Supervideo division of General Cinema, and prior to that was one of the district managers at Pepsi during the Roger Enrico era.

Kevin graduated with honors with a B.A. in English from St. Louis University, where he was nominated for Rhodes, Fulbright, and Marshall Scholarships. He served on the Massachusetts Commission on Banks and Banking Mortgage Review Board for five years and has been associated with groups such as the New England Center for Children, New England Canadian Business Council, and the National Foundation for Teaching Entrepreneurship.

Team USSG:

Led by a team committed to inducing ecological growth and building long term partnerships, USSG has been successful in fostering a vibrant and inspiring environment. We believe in inspiring our employees to venture beyond their defined roles, and contribute strongly as individuals and as members of a team.

With the spectrum of comprehensive capabilities we showcase, our people get an opportunity to not only build their careers, but also to offer their skills in helping our customers and businesses around the world. A strong orientation to the unique challenges presented by our clients, combined with decades of experience translating board-level objectives into industrialized, lower-risk technology solutions enables us to collaborate with organizations worldwide in helping them achieve measurable increase in performance.

We have successfully achieved the highest levels of quality and effectiveness in our global projects mainly because our systems and approaches are adapted to a global multi-cultural environment.

Our Environment & Culture

Effective leadership is all about having a clear vision of where your business is headed. It’s also about identifying new opportunities and inspiring your team to pursue those opportunities. With this philosophy at heart, we encourage leadership at every levels of our organization.

We believe in motivating our people to commit to the goals of our company while placing a strong value on their insights and experiences. USSG also strongly believes in making committed investments to expand the potential of our employees, and building their capabilities through skill-oriented trainings, continued education programs, and growth opportunities enabling our people to readily adapt to the dynamic market place.

Our leadership team strongly believes in collaborating with our clients to assess the value of our investments by measuring key performance indicators against a range of goals, identifying key performance indicators, and benchmarking our organization against industry best practices.

At USSG we are passionate about the opportunities to a build smart, innovative and inclusive culture where ideas for improvement are strongly encouraged and frequently implemented.

Thought Leadership

Just as the longest journey can begin with a single step, the most far reaching changes can begin with a single thought. Our thoughts are the key to the actions that bring about the changes we envision. Thus it’s highly appropriate that USSG propagates a dynamic culture that gives attention to thought leadership as we bring together ideas from all levels of the organization to help our clients deliver excellence.

Fostering Innovation

Creative thinking and innovation are a very important part of our vision. We encourage generating ideas and non-traditional thinking because we understand that innovation relies on trust-based leadership and empowering. Innovation isn’t a policy, it’s an aspect of an organization’s culture, and it grows with reinforcement.

We value creativity and collaborate with one another and with leaders in the innovation arena. We tolerate failures that lead to a learning experience, and give our team the flexibility to explore and take risks to deliver innovative, out-of-the box results.